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Alpine Club Of Himalaya P. Ltd.
Thamel, Kathmandu
Tel: (+977) 1-4251533

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Our Team

  • The Office Team
  • Sujan Lamichhane
  • Pramod Gajurel
  • Rajendra Pandey
  • Maina Chhetry
  • Kiran Aryal

Alpine Club of Himalaya is a small, dedicated organization established by a team of professionals involved in tourism since decades. We are a team of hospitable and professionals ready to welcome and escort you throughout your trip to make it the adventure of a lifetime in true sense. Our office team is composed of active trekkers and climbers, who take part in our expeditions on a regular basis, sometimes even leading them to the awesome Himalayas and other alluring destinations in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We believe in delivering the great services than the promises. Please see our photos below so that if you contact us by phone or e-mail, you will be able to put a face to a name.

When operating our trips in the mountains, we consider responsibility to be our guiding principle. We employ local staff, use organizations and hotels and buy as many resources as possible from the countries we visit. These are the founding principles of Responsible Tourism and this is what we strive to accomplish with every outing. We do not boast any medals or badges, but we have been practicing Responsible Tourism since our very first day and will continue to do so.

On rare occasions, we do make an exception to this rule and provide materials from countries other than those in which we are working. We try to do this only when the quality of the trip might be compromised or where buying locally would hinder the local people or communities. For example, we provide tents manufactured in the UK for our Everest and Other trips and supplement high-altitude rations on our 8848 meters peak trips so that we do not have to impinge on local communities and eat their stores of food saved for the winter. Whenever we go on expeditions, we ensure that we pay a fair price for everything, depending on the local economy. We do not seek to overcharge to make money, but to pay a fair rate to those communities on which we rely on their goodwill and hospitality

While times may be hard for the Western Economies, the same can be said about countries which rely on tourism to have a basic standard of living. Many of the World's Greatest Mountains are found in such countries and so it is helpful to travel there as frequently as possible. Ultimately, this will be to the advantage of all of those porters, herders, guides, lodge keepers and camp helpers who make our journeys so worthwhile, enjoyable and purposeful and to whom we impart all of our thanks for sharing the majesty and beauty of their countries with us.